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Shengjue Yuan

I was responsible for Omeka and Juxta edition part. My job was to put the images of the Moravian diary that we transcribed on Omeka website so that people can visit the original manuscripts of the diary. I was required to decide what information to put on Omeka. Another job is to do the proofread of our transcription  on the Juxta edition. I was required to check whether the word spelling followed the original manuscripts and whether the format of the transcription was similar with the original manuscripts.


Suné Swart



Suné Swart

I was responsible for working in oXygen with the TEI and CSS files. My job was to tag and format the journal so that it could be published as our final online version of the journal. This required me to make decisions about the layout of the journal and the font size/format of the text. More contributions I made to the website include part of my story map and my Gephi graph.




Yuting Chen

I am a current Sophomore at Bucknell University. I was responsible for the TimeMapper and the design of the website. My job with TimeMapper is to reorganize the data in the spreadsheet template of timemap to present the chronology in a novel way according to Payne and Froehlich’s travel journal. The other job of mine is to work on the design of the website. I was required to make decisions on the structure and layout of the website as well as responsible for the efficient communications among the team members.





Caroline MacLure

I am student at Bucknell University and blossoming Digital Humanities scholar. Collaborating with peers and professors, I have helped to transcribe the Payne-Froehlich Travel Journal. After transcribing the journal the team explored different programs and tools to read the journal in different ways. I am in charge of  mapping their journey using ArcGIS and making sense of their experiences in various locations.


Ziyang Li

I am a freshman at Bucknell University and took HUMN 100 this spring semester. I am responsible for Gephi and the story mapping with ArcGIS. My job is to find out the relationships of all characters who showed up in the Payne-Froehlich Travel Journal and to think deeply about why they chose this specific route for their journey.

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